Spring Awakening | #OOTD ft. Haute Blossom, Cameri Beads & Bombshell Boutique










Spring is the most beautiful season of the year, not only because flowers start blooming everywhere, but also because it comes along with an incredible feeling of rebirth. All of us have ways of reinventing ourselves, but I believe that this is the perfect time to start fresh and leave the past behind. I personally love the idea of being able to create myself- in every possible way, of carefully crafting the person that I want to be, and working every day to make that person better and better. In fact, I am fascinated with the word ‘Renaissance’ and the notion that every single day comes with a new opportunity, a new challenge, a new reason to be grateful.

In order to officially welcome spring (a little bit late, I know!) I decided to dress like a modern garden fairy- a.k.a flower girl lost in the woods… that was more or less my inspiration. So, I wore this extremely sweet flower halo and matched it with a green top and harem pants… the final touch was the fuchsia ethnic statement bracelet.

Keep shining & keep blooming… it’s spring time baby!!!


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Inspiration | 3 Rad Festival Outfit Ideas





It’s festival season y’all!!!

What does it mean for those of us who are not planning on visiting the West coast anytime soon, anyways? I am one of those who believe that what festival-goers are wearing could serve as inspiration, when it comes to mixing and matching pieces that we don’t normally associate together. I think it’s interesting to see what these people are doing, so I am down to dress as if I were going there… who’s with me?

That’s why I have put together 3 looks that will make you the life of the party, whether you are desert bound or not. I obviously got inspired by the Coachella Music Festival that is currently going on in California, but I believe that these outfits could work for any summer activity- it’s just a matter of adapting it to your individual style…  Allow me to further explain each of them in detail:

  1. Poolside Chic: This looks is perfect for a pool party or a sunset soiree at the beach, because it is right in the intersection of soaking up the sun and just hanging around. To achieve the desired results, just grab a bikini top and pair it with a cute pair of shorts. Then add a trendy cardigan (a long one is better, it will double as a cover-up) and top it off with the accessories of your choice. Coachella is very into fringed pieces and lace everywhere, that’s why I choose the top and cardigan pictured above, please feel free to play with the textures– make it diverse!
  1. Boho Belle: This outfit is all about the maxi-dress! So whatever you do, make sure to pick one with colorful and one-of-a-kind pattern and build the outfit around it. This is easier than what you think, now that you have a colorful dress- make the accessories either neutral or colors that won’t compete with those in the dress. See image above, I made sure the cardigan was blue to complement the pink of the dress… imagine if it would have been orange– None of the pieces would be stellar. No bueno.
  1. Rocker Glam: I am very big on leather jackets, especially black ones– they go with absolutely everything! Believe me, every girl should own at least one- it will be enough to match it with all colors and patterns. My favorite way of bringing the leather (or faux leather) jacket into the scene, is when the rest of the outfit is very sweet and girly… the contrast is always fabulous. For the stuff pictured above, it would be awesome to pair all of those accents with a short white dress– the pink and camel elements add that cute touch.

So, there you have it… I hope this quick guide helps you when deciding what to wear for your next get-together or if you decide last-minute that Coachella is your thing, go grab your plane tickets– Your outfit is on me.


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Fashion Happy Hour : Chic shops & shots







IMG_9294-16 (1)
















IMG_9348-59 (1)







This month’s edition of Fashion Happy Hour was definitely one for the books… all of the fabulous vendors and beautiful people, made last Friday night truly an amazing one. The venue chosen for this fashion soirée was Galleria GUM in the artsy neighborhood of Wynwood; there were models, bloggers and other Miami fashionistas all around– drinking, shopping and networking, all while being surrounded by chic modern art. All of us were able to admire and purchase merchandise from shops like Alma Mei, Love Shopping Miami, Daniela Millan Designs, Addiction to Shop, Chapter III Creations, Tarbay Jewelry, Bombshell Boutique, Shop Arm Party and Original Aura, among others.

I was a special guest and, along with some of my fellow bloggers, had the opportunity of styling the young beautiful models of D.A.M.A. School for the fashion show segment of the night. I decided to pick an outfit for my model, Chaney, that was pretty much my own style– sweet and girly, but at the same time a little edgy and dressy. Her aqua shorts, coral tank top and striped blazer are from Love Shopping Miami and the accessories that she wore included a ring by Daniela Millan Designs and a statement necklace by Addiction to Shop.

It was such a pleasure to be able to hang out with some of my blogger buddies: D’Ana of Collections + Volumes, Maya of AlamodeMaya, Veronica of Fiercely Thiftin’, Bianca of Bianca’s Fashion Corner, Kat of Freshly Squeezed Fashionista, Marivette of Loud and Tasteless & Christini of Christini Calia… we had soooo much fun & tons of pics to prove it!

I wore earrings by El Nimer Accesorios and my #socialmedia necklace by TAudrey Jewelry.

Wish you were here? Then, save the date for the next #FashionHappyHour event– April 27th, 2014 & don’t miss it… For more info & RSVP, go to fashionhappyhour.com!

Images: Courtesy of The Louis Collection Photography.


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La bohème nouveau|OOTD ft. X-Pose Fashion

IMG_0191 IMG_0198 IMG_0202IMG_0208 IMG_0214 IMG_0227 IMG_0247IMG_0267

The organic shapes that make up the pattern of these divine palazzo pants, reminded me of certain art nouveau designs that I got to see during my years as an architecture student–  it definitely made me love them even more. I figured that this pattern goes perfectly with something as boho-chic and fresh as this flirty crop top… Finally, I added some vintage golden accessories to complete the modern gypsy look.


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Sunkissed Beauty – #OOTD feat. El Nimer Accesorios (look 1)

IMG_9848Today, I wore extremely beautiful sparkly earrings by El Nimer Accesorios and I wanted to show you all how incredibly lovely they are.

IMG_9836qWhen I saw these gorgeous turquoise accessories, the first thing that came to mind were the words girly & sweet… based on that, I built a very cute outfit to go with them.

IMG_98551I am so in love with this earrings, mostly because they are completely handmade ( very marvelously, btw )…

IMG_9843Also, because they come from Venezuela and as a Latina, I love being able to support such an amazing talent.

IMG_98661As you all know, I live in the always chic city of Miami- so I obviously have great news for my fellow 305 girlies…

IMG_98591Not only can you order your accessories ( they make necklaces & bracelets, as well) right from El Nimer Accesorios’ Instagram profile, but also you could go to JJ Style Miami, where I got mine.

IMG_98581Since the earrings have a golden undertone, I picked a pink tank top and paired it with a knitted golden little jacket. Then I grabbed my denim shorts and took my nude heels to add a rather dressy touch.

IMG_98851And I was ready to go out and enjoy a sunny and gorgeous Saturday afternoon, wearing these beauties!

IMG_9845Aren’t these earrings the best accessories to wear this Spring Break?.. I think yes! Thank you @ElNimerAccesorios. xoxo

NYFW fall 2014: Days 5-8 recap

collage1Here is the last part of my lovely NYFW f/w 2014 recap. It works the same way as the Days 1-4 post: I picked my favorite shows from each day and will showcase three of the looks I think most accurately represent the variety of influences and inspirations in every collection… So, what are you waiting for? Check them out:

Day 5


Every time we come across a CH design, one thing is clear: There’s an inherent elegance to it that can just be achieved by some very few other designers ( VERY few! ). One piece that Carolina Herrera is known for, is the button-down shirt and how she has mastered the art of constantly transforming and adapting it, according to the changing times and occupations of the woman of today. That is just one example of how much she cares about the women and her many roles- it looks as if by owning her entire fall/winter 2014 collection, any woman is all set for life: she presented form glamorous night gowns, to safe-for-work ensembles, also adding Sunday dresses and some cozy coats.

00100h_426x639_1 00250h_426x639_1 00360h_426x639_1


We are all used to Zac Posen’s very puffy and very princess-worthy, huge gowns and I love them, personally- However, this season, the designer toned it down a little, both in color and texture. He just worked with solids, all hailing form a pretty consistent palette of earthy hues, neutral tones and a just few more colorful ones… He did play a lot, however, with necklines, shoulder cuts and as usual, lengths- making his NYFW f/w 2014 show one that’s celebrates femininity in a more sophisticated and sultry way than ever before.

00020h_426x639 00120h_426x639 00190h_426x639

Day 6


What can I say about the great Oscar that isn’t already known by the pretty much entire world?… His collections never cease to impress us with their magnificent elegance and grandeur. That’s a fact that has been proven for many years now and it doesn’t seem to be stopping anytime soon. I love Oscar for personal reasons, as well ( isn’t it obvious?)- we are both Dominicans and it makes me immensely proud to know that such a HUGE name in fashion came from the same gorgeous little island as myself… That being said, this season De La Renta delivered his swoon-worthy-as-usual dreamy dresses, but he also brought something new to the table: masculine-chic pieces. He started his show with dark hues, leather, wide-leg trousers, biker jackets and cape coats that reminded us how elegantly some things that the boys wear look pretty good on us. Towards the end, however, De La Renta showed us some skirts, lace blouses, pretty florals and a bunch of gorgeous ballgowns.

00230h_426x639 00450h_426x639 00520h_426x639


Wow! what a magnificent collection… I’m completely in love with all of the designs! Mischka’s show this season was all washed in gold and incorporated not only rich textures but also a diversity of pieces, all with one common factor: the shimmering effect. Fur hats, sparkly gowns, leopard printed suits, were just few examples of the variety that enveloped this show. All very opulent, glamorous and rich in every sense- in other words, a collection made for royalty (or any girl who feels like it).

00040h_426x639 00050h_426x639 00060h_426x639

Day 7


This season, Kors drew inspiration from no other than the big apple…and its people walking back and forth at every hour of the day. He managed to deliver the very sought-after result of the perfect casual-dressy combination and gave us all wearable options that are also a little fancier than usual. Adding a touch of sweet charm and a hint of expensive living, the fall/winter NYFW 2014 show of Michael Kors gave us, for example, chiffon for day and trousers for night- both with the same amount of luxurious simplicity.

00060h_426x639 00150h_426x639 00160h_426x639


Oh you’re so whimsical, darling! I have always loved that festive and flamboyant nature of every Betsey Johnson design… aren’t all those colors and patterns extremely contagious? doesn’t it make you want to jump around and turn into this happy-go-lucky girl at least for a day? It has marvelous effects on me, because it reminds me that life doesn’t have to be taken so seriously and that hello!.. girls just want to have fun and boy, do I forget that. This season, the designer was not only successful in bringing us some of the cheerful and colorful piece that we are used to seeing on her shows, but this time her inspiration came straight from the decades of late 70′s and early 80′s. Johnson grabbed specific elements from the glorious disco era, like thigh-high bold-colored socks, extremely tight minis, jumpsuits and fax fur coats- all tied together with her very unique touch of girl-power swag.

00010h_426x639 00060h_426x639 00250h_426x639

Day 8


Youthful romantic innocence and bright luxurious optimism come together in the 1st Polo line for women- making it the epitome of everything that we have seen before from them. Everything was simply beautiful, starting with the color palette that included from the most pristine snow white, to the most feminine shade of mauve ( including some grey hues, as well ). Think classic Ralph Lauren styles taken to the next level and adapted to the downtown chic of today- equipped with everything she needs in her closet. Off-the-shoulder tops made of silk, column skirts, tailored suits, fur coats and over-the-knee boots… gosh, I just want them all- right now!

00310h_426x63900430h_426x639 00550h_426x639


Textured knits, cozy coats and fluffy long sleeves… this is what we got to see during the CK show. Perfect for the chilly weather, the fall/winter 2014 designs from this show demonstrated how crafty and rather rustic textures can also be sophisticated and distinguished from the rest. Some pieces brought an artisan touch of color to the collection, as well, all in order to give the modern woman several options when it comes to dressing to face the cold and looking flawless at the same time.

00080h_426x639 00220h_426x639 00230h_426x639This is how I close my brief but pretty wonderful NYFW f/w 2014 recap… I hope you liked it.

Photo credit: Vogue UK

NYFW fall 2014: Vogue #instafashion feat. Kenya

img-kendallinstafashion_160854827097.jpg_gallery_maxOne of Marc Jacobs' best looks- according to Vogue

What’s better than Vogue and taking a selfie?… Well, adding one of my favorite girls in the industry to that equation. In case you haven’t heard, Kendall Jenner is building her own name in the uber competitive high fashion world and that’s quite admirable.

img-kendalljennerverawang_160629810095.jpg_gallery_maxVera Wang's best look this year- Vogue.com

She just made her NYFW debut, she has done some big covers and recently walked in the London Fashion Week. There are zillions of teenage models who have made it to the famous shows and even have major campaigns under their belts by this age, you might say… It’s definitely true.

img-kendalljennertoryburch_1606146123.jpg_gallery_maxTory Burch's finest- Vogue.com

However, what’s special about Kenya (or at least, I see it that way) is the fact that she has managed to make her own career, very apart from that of her sisters. I mean, it would have been way easier to take advantage of the Kardashian empire- instead, she’s building her own… Bravo Kendall!

img-kendalljennertommyhilfiger_160557371949.jpg_gallery_maxA top Tommy Hilfiger look- Vogue.com

In their efforts to reach the younger crowds, Vogue.com did this fun selfie shoot with Miss Jenner. The idea was to pick the best looks (according to the magazine) from some shows that presented at NYFW Fall 2014, this year.

img-kendalljennertherow_160526463546.jpg_gallery_maxThe best of The Row, by Vogue.com

Their decision to pick the young model was a very smart move by Vogue, not only because of her emerging career, but also because of her impressive number of Instagram followers (yes.. impressive!). The series of iphone shots are labeled #instafashion and allowed the mag to present in a cool way, their favorite designs from NYFW f/w 2014.

img-kendalljennerprabalgurung_160510294899.jpg_gallery_maxFavorite from Prabal Gurung's show- Vogue.com

The designers that Vogue handpicked for this exciting virtual venture were: Marc Jacobs, Vera Wang, Tory Burch, Tommy Hilfiger, The Row, Prabal Gurung, Oscar De La Renta, Michael Kors, Carolina Herrera & Calvin Klein Collection… and grabbed one complete outfit fresh from each of their shows.

img-kendalljenneroscardelarenta_160836922889.jpg_gallery_maxThe most beautiful Oscar De La Renta gown- Vogue.com

Kendall walked for the first time ever at NYFW, during Marc Jacob’s show. Although I am one of those people that have always seen a great supermodel potential in this girl, it surprised many people the fact that she walked at such an important and internationally known fashion week.

img-kendalljennermichaelkors_160820519607.jpg_gallery_max A favorite by Michael Kors- Vogue.com

However, the Kardashian’s younger sister didn’t stop there… Shortly after her debut in NYC, the young model made yet another sucessful catwalk at the Giles show during London Fashion Week- hand in hand with the super famous young model, Cara Delevingne.

img-kendalljennermarcjacobs2_16035425015.jpg_gallery_maxAnother Marc Jacobs' top look- Vogue.com

Not only did she get to step on the runway in London, she also managed to land a pretty sough-after front-row seat at the Topshop show, right next to the one and only Anna Wintour- now that’s fashionista status… Should we expect a Vogue cover of Kendall very soon? I think yes! 

img-kendalljennercarolinaherrera_160722483496.jpg_gallery_maxFlawless Carolina Herrera outfit- Vogue.com

Can’t you tell that I love this girl?… I like people that have the courage and determination to build their own names in whichever industry they choose. But, on a more personal note, I kinda wish I had her life when I was 18- I’m such a frustrated high fashion model (funny, I know) & I would have loved to do what she is doing right now,  even if it’s for a few weeks- I don’t think I would last long, though ( a year, max!).

img-kendalljennercalvinklein_160540601140.jpg_gallery_maxCalvin Klein Collection's best look- Vogue.com

That’s why I decided to add this bonus feature post to my NYFW f/w 2014 series… I love Vogue, I love selfies and I love Kendall- I hope you do too. xx

NYFW fall 2014: Days 1-4 recap

collageAlthough NYFW fall/winter 2014 is officially over, the looks will live forever in our hearts (or is it just me?). I didn’t see the shows live, but I have put together a pretty little recap for all of you to see. For each day, I picked my three favorite looks from some of the best shows to analyze and take a closer look at. Without further ado, here are the top looks from days 1-4 (according to me, anyways!):

Day 1


This collection is very big-city oriented… it’s dressy, it’s sharp, it’s modern- just like NYC itself. The fur is pretty abundant throughout the collection, more in some looks than in others, but almost always there. Regardless of the sultry and sleek aura of the designs, there is something of bohemian in them- something that tells us that they are not so strict after all, but rather loose when the time calls for it.

bcbg-rtw-fw2014-runway-17_132529530006 bcbg-rtw-fw2014-runway-31_132539787704 bcbg-rtw-fw2014-runway-01_132516355627


The Spanish brand, Desigual, didn’t hold back when bringing us loud graphics, vivid colors and enthusiastic energy. Their name says it all- they are different, they don’t follow the rules nor conform to the established trends… instead, they shift paradigms and break the mold. The best part for us, is that while doing all that, the brand manages to deliver fantastic results. This collection incorporated unexpected multi-patterns and used mod-style as one of their main inspirations.

desigual01 desigual23 desigual32Day 2


Rebecca Minkoff’s RTW fall collection this year was focused on those versatile large coats that make every winter outfit a tad more amazing.This collection is not only created with the modern woman in mind, due to it’s practicality, but it is also cool, confident and collected. There are both feminine and masculine elements- it is not too crazy, nor too serious… definitely the right amount of chic.

MIN_0382.450x675 rebecca-minkoff-07 rebecca-minkoff-11

Day 3


Romantic, glamorous, delicate yet a bit edgy… Jill Stuart’s collection for fall 2014 is one for the books. The designer freely played with volumes and lengths, but also focused on delivering a rather vintage vibe that is also avant-garde and sensuous. I really like the glittery elements here and there, the large and very diva-worthy fur coats and the silhouette-enhancing ensembles that we saw at the show… undoubtedly, one of my personal favorites!

jill-stuart01 jill-stuart12 jill-stuart18


Mara Hoffman’s collection is an exotic blend of bold prints and neutral solids, that come together pretty gracefully. Drawing inspiration from North Africa, the designer went all out not only when it comes to patterns, but also with textures and color combinations. I see, as well, a lot of tribal elements and some art deco-like cuts and figures (this is not confirmed… I just see them!). All of these looks are simply mesmerizing to look at, due to their extremely interesting nature.

mara-hoffman10 mara-hoffman16 mara-hoffman32

Day 4


This collection is all about mixing and matching patterns, giving each of them equal amounts of importance in the outfit ensemble. From geometric folkloric shapes to organic floral patterns, the Diane Von Furstenberg’s fall 2014 collection is full of hip and fun colors that resemble the flamboyant decade of the seventies. Not only are the designs diverse in hues and textures, they are also flattering to the female figure, making each one of them, pieces worth wearing. I think it is feminine, bright and bold, without falling into something trashy or cheap- on the contrary, each look has something tasteful and special to it.

diane-von-furstenberg-rtw-fw2014-runway-08_201618203222 diane-von-furstenberg-rtw-fw2014-runway-16_201624183675 diane-von-furstenberg-rtw-fw2014-runway-33_201638563225


VB delivered clean cuts and lots of solid colors (black and white, for the most part). There were a few elements that were very carefully incorporated, like the golden chain as a belt, the cuts and agles, as well as the fusion of textures (pictured below). I personally like the understated fluidity and movement of this collection, that is camouflaged under the visibly quasi- architectural execution of her designs. Victoria Beckham has made her own name in fashion, thanks to the undeniable quality, minimalist elegance and overall beautiful richness that envelops each of her pieces.

victoria-beckham-rtw-fw2014-runway-04_133742388680 victoria-beckham-rtw-fw2014-runway-11_133748948773 victoria-beckham-rtw-fw2014-runway-31_133808289086There you have them… these are my favorite looks, from my favorite shows.

Stay tuned for the days 5-8 recap. xo

Photo credit: Vogue.com & WWD.com

‘Sofia Sherry Couture’ Launch Event

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection Launch

Earlier this month, the Trump International Hotel in Sunny Isles, served as the venue for a very special cocktail party, where delicate elegance and sophisticated glamour became the most important guests.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchThe fabulous event took place in designer Yana Yakoby‘s boutique at the Trump and gathered some of South Florida’s most fashionable citizens. Originally from Russia, Yakoby specializes in creating unique pieces for women and is now launching Sofia Sherry Couture, with its own special concept. As a fun fact, the designer has shared with the media that she received her first haute couture lessons from her grandmother when she was a little girl, who passed down to her several techniques of fashion confection.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchSofia Sherry Couture, the designer’s new line allows women to express themselves, by providing them with pieces specially made to adapt to their individual spirit, taste, style and mood in their own unique way.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchThe premiere collection of Sofia Sherry Couture, is dedicated to providing the woman of today with one-of-a-kind lounge wear, that combines the breathtaking beauty and legendary grandeur of past decades with modern comforts that now make our lives a little easier… In other words, the most exclusive lounge wear in the world.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchThe intimate yet luxurious cocktail event was hosted by Carlos Mejia, also know as “El Fashion Guru”. Mejia made sure all of the details were on point, in order to make this evening one to be remembered by all of the guests that attended.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchThe attendees not only appreciated the designs that were so exquisitely displayed around the boutique, but they also enjoyed the fine drinks that were being served for their delight.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchAmong the guests that joined Lana Yakoby in the debut of her new line, some very well-known celebrities that were also present.

Former baseball superstar, Sammy Sosa made sure to drop by the exclusive soiree.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchFormer Real Housewives of Mami cast-member and celebrity dentist, Karent Sierra was also part of the très chic event.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchAnother celeb that attended was Audris Rijo, former Nuestra Belleza Latina contestant and model.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchLana Yakoby and Sammy Sosa pose together at the red carpet, prior to the cocktail event.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection Launch

The entertainment was provided by the beautiful melody of a live performance that involved some of the finest orchestral instruments.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchA few moments of the night celebrating Sofia Sherry Couture debut collection…

Sammy Sosa, Karent Sierra and Lana Yakoby are all smiles at the cocktail party.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchYakoby and Sierra get together for a very feminine and sweet shot, posing along one of the mannequins, displaying a Sofia Sherry design.

Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection Launch“El Fashion Guru” joins Karent Sierra for a picture that captures the fancy and festive atmosphere that enveloped such a delightful celebration.Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection LaunchSoft fabrics and rich textures, classical luxury and contemporary cuts… that is what Sofia Sherry is all about. Caché, allure, the joy of being a woman and constantly embracing it, these are the elements that make this collection one special gift that all of us should definitely indulge in  ;)Sofia Sherry Couture Premier Collection Launch

Images courtesy of Alberto Tamargo Photography.

Holiday wish list ’13: Gadgets & stuff

You already know, my wish list this year is pretty extensive… For the techie portion of it, I decided to add a few gadgets that I think would make an awesome gift for me, or any other fashion blogger in your life.


Dazzling Rhinestoned Phone Case from Forever21


Canon EOS Rebel SL1

hmprod (2)

Beads & Rhinestones iPhone 4/4S Case from H&M


Luxe Noise-Isolating Headphones from Forever21


MacBook Pro from Apple


Rhinestoned Bow Phone Charm from Forever21


Sony Cyber-Shot QX10 and QX100 lenses for smartphones


Cat Parade Phone Case from Forever21


Rosette-Accented Earbuds from Forever21


Sabrent Premium 4 Port USB Hub

hmprod (3)

Floral iPhone 4/4S Case from H&M

 Sorry for going a little overboard with iPhone covers hehe… but pretty much, those are the electronic devices and accessories that I am sure any fashionista would love to receive this holiday season.

Stick around for the rest of my list ;)